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Continuous Learning Projects

Continuous Learning Projects

Continuous Learning Projects have been created as a result of the school closure, due to the Coronavirus outbreak across the UK. In creating the Learning Projects, we fully acknowledge that they cannot replace the quality of learning your child receives at school however, we have tried to create a set of projects that all children can access to maximise their learning whilst at home.

What are the aims of the Learning Projects?

To find out more about the aims of the Continuous Learning Projects click on the following links (word or pdf version):

 Continuous Learning Projects         Continuous Learning Projects

Thank you for your support and we hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.We hope you will find these projects useful and that you use them to provide a framework  from which you can plan other learning opportunities to complete with your child.

Please click on the links below to download the archived learning projects for March – July 2020. 

EYFS     EYFS Projects 

Year 1    Year 1 Projects

Year 2    Year 2 Projects

Year 3    Year 3 Projects

Year 4    Year 4 Projects

Year 5    Year 5 Projects

Year 6    Year 6 Projects



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