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Science Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge organisers at Olton Primary show how teachers identify the key knowledge and developmental skills within each unit in order for pupils to be confident learners. Units of work build on prior knowledge and skills acquired throughout a pupils’ learning journey at Olton.

The school is developing knowledge organisers as part of Olton Primary’s ongoing curriculum development and these will be updated throughout the academic year.

Detailed below are links for the Science knowledge organisers (Year 1 – 6).

Autumn Term

Year 1 – Autumn 1- Who am I ?

Year 1 – Autumn 2- Celebrations

Year 2 – Autumn 1- Healthy me

Year 2 – Autumn 2- Materials Monster

Year 3 – Autumn – Rocks, Soil and Fossils

Year 4 – Autumn – Teeth and Eating

Year 5 – Autumn – Material World

Year 6 – Autumn – Classifying Living Things