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Images Exhibition- Infant Site ( Monday 8th July)


July 8, 2019 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm


On Monday afternoon we will be inviting children and parents to view the Infant Art gallery. To celebrate the artistic achievements of our pupils, every child in our school has created a very special picture. Their art has been professionally catalogued, mounted,framed and displayed for you to view, so please come along and enjoy their artwork. We know your
children will be very excited and proud to show you their masterpieces!

Each class with be allocated a time slot within the school day to view the gallery and to look at their own artwork and that of others. The children will get stickers which have a unique number on, to stick on their jumpers and this will lead them to their piece of
artwork. From 2:30-5:00pm parents are invited in to school to view and purchase the artwork. We would like all the art in the gallery to remain in place for everyone to view and enjoy until the exhibition closes, so all sold pictures will be handed out in class
the following school day.