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Year 5 – Bikeability Week (n.b. Date Change)


July 1, 2019 July 5, 2019


Dear Year 5 Parents/Carers,

During the week beginning 1st July 2019 (apart from Wednesday 3rd July as it is School Transition day), Year 5 will be undertaking a Bikeability Cycle Training Course. This is a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to develop their cycling skills and road safety awareness. Both are valuable skills for life.

Bikeability Cycle Training Courses:

Class 5C

1st – 5th July 2019

Time: 9:00am – 10:30am

Class 5W

1st – 5th July 2019

Time: 10:45am – 12:15pm

Class 5P

1st – 5th July 2019

Time: 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Your child will be required to bring his/her bicycle, bike chain with lock and helmet into school on these days. Bicycles will need to be locked up before school along the wooden fence that lines the path that leads along the car park perimeter. Helmets should be placed on coat pegs. Jogging bottoms and trainers also will be needed for the training. A warm and waterproof coat will be essential.

It is your child’s responsibility to:
 Check their bike is in good working order. Please check their bike has two working
brakes (front and back), the tyres are pumped up, and that the saddle is at the correct
height (level with hip bone).
 Wear a helmet that fits correctly. Children will not be able to ride without a helmet.
 Wear a waterproof jacket. It might be cold so please take this into consideration each
morning. Please bring gloves if it is cold.
 Eat a good breakfast each morning before school – they will need the energy!

Children will be asked to secure their bikes to the fence on the school path – they will be responsible for their key at all times. We recommend keeping the key in a zipped wallet or pocket for security.
Unfortunately, due to the building works being undertaken, we are unable to keep bikes on the site over-night. If you do leave your child’s bike on site we will not be held responsible for loss or damage.
If your child requires an inhaler, please ensure they know how to use it safely and independently. They will take their inhalers out with them so please ensure they have a zipped pocket for this.
Please note that Year 5 swimming is cancelled next week. The final session will be on Thursday 18th July 2019.