Olton Primary School

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Junior School Curriculum

Junior School Curriculum

Maths and English 

English is taught in a variety of ways including through cross-curricular writing and separate grammar lessons. Maths is taught separately in ability groups. The school works very intensively to provide pupils with teaching which will suit their learning style, and which will move them towards meeting their progress and attainment targets. Full support programmes (intervention), including basic skills reinforcement, operate for Maths and English; the School also constantly updates and reviews its resources and delivery of these vital subjects. More able pupils undertake specific, challenging programmes of work.  



School places a high priority on reading and welcomes the support of parents. We use Active Learn Bug Club, a finely-levelled reading scheme, which ensures that all children can find books at exactly the right level for them. What’s more, there are online versions for every printed title and a personalised website for each child, through which parents are able to access information about their child’s reading habits and support their child with their reading.
Further information can be found in the ‘Documents’  section below and by class teachers.



Olton Primary places a high emphasis on Computing. All classrooms have interactive whiteboards in order that pupils can access the huge range of resources from the Internet to support their learning in class. The School provides each pupil with his/her individual laptop to work on and pupils are given plenty of cross-curricular opportunities to access technology.



Religious Education

The Religious Education curriculum covers various key nominations of faith to promote knowledge and understanding between faiths and the world in which we live. Assembly takes place each day with the opportunity for thought or prayer at the end; multi-cultural aspects are covered each term in our assembly subject matter. Parents are entitled to withdraw their children from Religious Education and assemblies but we would encourage participation. Children are always given a choice regarding participation in a prayer or thought linked to the faith being covered.



A practical and problem-solving approach is taken within this core subject, and it is teacher assessed throughout the School.

Foundation Subjects

* Art

* Design Technology

* Geography

* History

* MFL (French)

* Music

* Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

* Physical Education

The Foundation subjects are taught in line with National Curriculum guidelines. Many opportunities are sought to enhance these subjects via trips out plus visitors into School.


Relationships and Sex Education

The Relationships and Sex Education Programme is delivered in conjunction with our School aims.



Each child is provided with a pack of homework to complete termly.

Obviously pupils will take differing amounts of time to complete tasks and we always endeavour to match work to pupils’ needs.

Parents can always approach us with any difficulties or issues about homework in addition to pupils’ attending our weekly lunchtime homework club for extra support.