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Growth Mindset

   Growth Mindset


Olton Primary's target is to further develop pupils UNDERSTANDING of themselves as a person and as a lifelong learner and to develop their resilience and positivity when facing challenge or uncertainty.

Growth Mindset Resources (Aysin Alp)

Zones of Regulation


Across school, we have introduced ‘Zones of Regulation’ which is an approach designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control. In each classroom there is a visual representation of the four zones: blue, green, yellow, red.


Each zone is linked to different emotional states and no one zone is better than the other as we are all in the different zones at different points during each day. However, the children are most likely to learn best when they are in the ‘green’ zone.


The zones curriculum teaches the children to identify with their own emotions at different times and helps them to develop a toolbox of strategies to help them self regulate when they are in the different zones. We are only just beginning this piece of work with the children but they should already be able to talk to you about the work they have done so far so please do ask them about it – you might find it useful to encourage them to use this language at home too.