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World Studies

World Studies


History at Olton Primary School aims to ensure that our children develop a secure understanding of the chronology of British history and that of the wider world. Through our topics, we aim to provide interesting and exciting historical experiences which promote historical thinking; developing an appreciation of the past and ensuring children become analytic thinkers by evaluating a range of primary and secondary sources. A question focused approach will encourage our children to ask questions, weigh evidence, scrutinise arguments and develop their own judgement of historical periods. Our curriculum has been carefully planned and structured so there is a clear progression of knowledge, skills and understanding. Our curriculum will allow our children to become curious learners, developing a deep understanding of the historical concepts taught and they will be able to build upon their prior knowledge.


At Olton Primary School, we expect our children to be inquisitive and to question the information they are presented with, in order to further their geographical understanding. We want children to understand where they are located within the world as well as within the British Isles; to be able to use a range of tools to understand their location and the landscapes of contrasting environments; to appreciate, describe and have a desire to conserve the differing environments of the world.


Geography is an exciting, enquiry led subject that helps us better understand the people, places and environments in the world.  It is a subject that seeks answers to fundamental questions such as: Where is this place? What is it like? (and why?) How and why is it changing? How does this place compare with other places? How and why are places connected?


Geography draws on its vast range of vocabulary to identify and name places, the features within them and the human and physical processes at work there. Such core knowledge provides the building blocks of deeper explanation and understanding; providing entry points to geographical conversations about the world. We describe this as ‘thinking geographically’ and explicitly teach this to our pupils through exploring maps and atlases, photographs and aerial images and exploring our local area.


We monitor the impact of the World Studies curriculum through various means including: evidence of work, pupil conferences, end of unit assessments and lesson observations.  These are analysed on a termly basis and a 'School Improvement Plan' for World Studies produced which contributes to the whole school ongoing continuous improvement cycle and whole school self-evaluation.

Curriculum and Skills Progression

Enrichment Opportunities and planned events


November 2022


In December 2021 and November 2022, children from Year 2 to Year 6 enjoyed a week of hands-on history workshops. After a period of not being able to go on our usual trips and visits, the workshops have really brought the curriculum to life and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed the week.




  • On Monday, Year 3 had a busy and exciting day being archaeologists. They examined a huge range of artefacts (made from antlers, flint and animal skins, found out what Stone Age hunting was like, as well as milling flour using stones, learning how to weave and make their own piece of felt.
  • On Tuesday, Year 5 engaged with a fantastic workshop where they dived into the world of Vikings. They devoured mountains of knowledge and fully immersed themselves into the day!
  • Year 6 had an excellent day on Wednesday, they learnt so much about the Ancient Greeks; they will be experts by the end of our Greek topic. They learnt about democracy (but only if you were an Athenian of course), the questionable lives of the Spartans and all about why we call a Marathon a Marathon.
  • On Thursday, Year 4 had a fantastic day learning about the Romans and Celts, we learnt some Roman battle tactics and as Celt tribes decided to fight together against the Romans! We also found out about Roman school life and wrote our names in beeswax and with quills. We decided we preferred to be free Celts than Romans! 
  • Year 2 completed the week’s workshops with their day focused on castles which was a topic they covered during Year 1. They made felt by rolling fleece within bamboo mats to create friction. They also created a battle line outside which involved marching with shields and spears and doing lots of shouting! 


April 2022



  • Year 4 have been learning about all things 'Around The World'.

They have learnt about 3 different countries throughout the day and have had the opportunity to move around each classroom to learn key facts. The three countries were China, Italy and Greece.  The children started in their own classroom and have followed instructions in order to create a traditional dish based on the classes chosen country.  


4A  – China – Spring Rolls 

4B – Italy – Pizza 

4GM – Greece – Greek Salad 



The children have developed a wide range of skills and cross-curricular links, in crafting fortune cookies, using google maps to place famous landmarks in Italy and using Atlases to identify countries in Greece. They have developed their knowledge of reading maps, identifying a range of countries and continents, and discussed the History behind each country. The children have developed their fine motor skills and scientific knowledge when crafting fortune cookies and using chopsticks with a range of materials. They have developed their speaking and listening when learning new languages of the chosen countries, artistic skills through observations drawings and gross motor and coordination skills through traditional Greek dancing. Finally, the children were able to discuss, compare and contrast similarities and differences between all the countries and were able to summarise what makes them unique.  


The children have had a wonderful day, dressing up as their chosen country, learning new skills and knowledge about the world and sharing their POW Spring Term projects.  


  • Year 3 had a fantastic Ancient Egypt day celebrating all of their learning on Wednesday 6th April. They worked hard on Ancient Egyptian Maths and made their own amulets out of clay. They also created a large map of the River Nile with different materials and learned more about life along the Nile. They wore various Egyptian inspired accessories to feel like they had gone back in time!

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