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At Olton Primary we continually look for ways to achieve the Government’s target of providing the children with 5 hours a week of physical activity. We now run a physical activity club after school every night of the week.


Some of our clubs are taken by members of staff and the rest are run by qualified external providers. We have a number of school sports teams, which compete against other schools. 


We also offer a wide range of activities after school, which cater for all interests and are run by members of staff – more information to follow.



7th April 2021


Dear Year 3 and Year 5 Parents/Carers,


Please see the attached Leaflet for outlining After School Clubs at OIton Primary School.

  • Dodgeball for Year 3
  • Multi-sports for Year 5

All correspondence, communication and payment must be done directly to Premier Active, the details of which are on the leaflet.


21st May  2021


Dear Year 3 & 4 Parents/Carers,


Please see the attached DAFC After School Club.


All correspondence, communications and payments must be done directly to Dave Adams and not the school.  The details are on the form, thank you.




Mrs Yvonne Jones

Office Manager

Olton Primary School (Junior Site)