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Lunch Menus






School Lunches – Infant Site


School lunches for week beginning Monday 19th July are as follows:


Monday – Macaroni Cheese (V) Sweetcorn & Broccoli OR Pork Meatballs with Potato wedges, Mixed vegetables & Broccoli.


Tuesday – Sausages with Creamed potatoes, Green beans, Sweetcorn & Gravy OR Quorn Fillet (V) Roast potatoes, Cauliflower & Peas with Gravy.


Wednesday  Sweet Chilli Chicken served with Egg noodles, Sweetcorn & Broccoli OR Tomato Pasta Bake (V) served with Garlic bread, Sliced Carrots & Corn on the Cob.


Plus a variety of desserts.


Thursday –  Summer Break


Friday - Summer Break


The children can also choose a sandwich or a jacket potato with one of the following fillings: cheese, ham or tuna, if they prefer


School Lunches – Junior Site


From Monday 19th April until Wednesday 21st July 2021, due to the extension to the kitchen, there will be cold lunches only being provided at the junior site.


The children will be able to choose from: Ham, Tuna or Cheese sandwich, with carrot or cucumber sticks, a biscuit and a piece of fruit.



For all KS2 meals, unless you are entitled to Free School Meals please pay £2.20 using ParentPay in advance - thank you.




                                                                                                                               1st March 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


Please see the attached Letter and Packed Lunch Menu from Solihull Catering regarding the kitchen closure during the building work, from 19th April until September 2021.



Mrs Y Jones

Office Manager

Olton Primary School (Junior Site)



Mon 19/04/2021 13:47

Re - Email from Mrs Chakmak


Good afternoon Parents/Carers,


This is to let you know that if your child ordered a school lunch today, they would have received this, but the charge has not as yet been applied to your parent-pay account. This only applies to any child that is not in receipt of Free School Meals.


If your child ordered and received toast at break-time today, the same applies, but toast is chargeable to anyone that orders this.


There was a fault with the Catering Till, and I believe they are hoping to rectify this tomorrow, so please bear with us.


Can I kindly ask that you keep an eye on your balance to ensure credit is on the accounts going forward for purchases from today.


School Meal £2.20 per day


Toast 25p per day


Many thanks


Kind regards

Mrs T Chakmak

Finance Officer/ Before & After School Club Admin Officer


Thu 22/04/2021 14:44

Re - Email from Mrs Chakmak


Good afternoon Parents/Carers,


Further to my email below we are still experiencing issues with the Catering Till.


No purchases that your child may have had since returning to school on Monday this week (19/4/21) have been applied to your Parent pay account, and I would respectfully remind all Parent/Carers to be aware and continue to credit the account on a daily/weekly basis to prevent a large debt occurring.


Many thanks


Kind regards

Mrs Teresa Chakmak

Finance Officer/ Before & After School Club Admin Officer