Olton Primary School

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Directions for Parents’ Evening

Dear Parents and Carers,


Infant Block (Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Pandas)

If you are attending parents’ evening for a child(ren) in the infants, please come through the main Meadow Reception.  The doors will be open to allow access to the corridor from which you can access your child’s class. Please note the classroom doors that you pick up and drop off from each day will not be open. You can only access the classrooms through the main indoor corridor.


Junior Block (Year 3 Gibbons and Leopards and Years 4 - 6)

If you are attending parents’ evening for a child(ren) in the juniors, please come up the path from the car park or the path that goes past the main reception building to the white door that is behind the bike shed.


As you come through the white door the Year 6 classes will be along that corridor.  Racoons – Miss Wareing, Coyotes – Miss Walton and Armadillos – Ms Rahman. 


As you go further into the school go past the hall on the left, carry on straight to the end of the corridor.  On the ground floor you have the following classes.  Dingoes – Miss Hunt, Gibbons – Mrs Bramble/Mrs Wallam, Leopards – Mrs Brady and Aardvarks – Mrs Priddey/Mrs Garner. 


Upstairs in the junior block is, Wallabies – Miss Ballard, Possums – Mr Morgan, Antelopes – Miss Turner and Impalas – Mr Jones/Miss McCone.


We hope this is helpful in you being able to locate your child’s classroom.


Kind regards,


Mr L Chamberlain          Mrs E Gray

Head Teacher                 Deputy Head Teacher