Olton Primary School

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Dear Parents/Carers/Children,


We are delighted to invite children from across the school to take part in a variety of Easter and Spring competitions at Olton and we know that our children enjoy taking part in these activities. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category and for each phase.


Children may enter the various Competitions as shown below. Any child can enter any category, regardless of year group, allowing children to build on skills year on year. It is important that entries are brought into school on Thursday 7th April 2022, with your child’s name either on the reverse or somewhere discrete. We shall post photographs on School Dojo.


Category 1: Egg(s) in a scene – a blown or hard-boiled egg(s) within a scene of your choice - be as creative as you like. Why not create for favourite superhero, book character or even a teacher?


Category 2: An Easter Garden/Spring garden, modern or traditional, using a range of real plants/grass, twigs, stones, etc. (see image below – lots of ideas can be safely googled!).


Category 3: Easter Bonnets - create a spring inspired hat. Category 4: A decorated Cake. We know that Olton has the best bakers! Why not have a go at decorating a spring or Easter inspired cake.


Best wishes.

Mr Chamberlain    Mrs Gray

Head Teacher        Deputy Head Teacher