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Flu Vaccinations - Infants

Dear Parents / Carers,


The Flu Nasal Immunisation Team have contacted us to let us know that unfortunately they have had to cancel coming in today due to a shortage of staff caused by sickness. They will rearrange a new date to come in after half term. As soon as we are aware of the new date we shall let you know.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.



Dear Parents/Carers (Infants),


This winter Public Health has recommended the nasal flu vaccine is offered to all children in school from Reception to Year 11.


Children are ‘super-spreaders’ of the influenza virus and their mixing patterns mean they can transmit flu to many vulnerable people.


Decreasing the number of children who get flu will not only protect them but will reduce the spread of the virus and reduce levels of illness and even mortality caused by flu in the general population.


Your child will be coming home with a nasal flu vaccination consent form today. Please can you complete and return the forms to school urgently. All forms need to be returned as you are required to either give consent or refuse the vaccine and sign to say you do not give consent.


Thank you for returning the forms by Friday 24th September. The Nurses will be in school to administer the nasal spray vaccine on Monday 18th October.


If you require more information please visit