Olton Primary School

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Dear Parents/Carers, 

Some of you may be aware that last week, on the zebra crossing near the roundabout at the Nursery end of our school, an adult and child were knocked down by a car whilst crossing the road. From the reports that we have had from families who witnessed the accident, there was a vehicle parked partially on the pavement which likely obscured the driver’s view of the pedestrians at the crossing.


Fortunately, on this occasion, although this is very concerning for all of our school community, it appeared that neither the child or adult were injured. However, incidents like this show that we have to be vigilant as pedestrians but also remind us that the parking restrictions that are in place in close proximity to the school are there to keep our school community safe.


When families are not adhering to the restrictions and are parking on double yellow lines, on zig zag lines close to crossings and parking partially or completely on pavements then people’s lives are being put in danger. We must urge all of our school community to park legally, responsibly and respectfully in our school neighbourhood.


The Council and Communty Police have been notified about the incident last week and as much as they will continue to support by sending our community police officer and traffic wardens, as a community our actions can ensure that we are never in the awful position of needing to report a serious collision or injury that could have been avoided. We know that parking near to school can be difficult but the Lyndon Pub continue to allow us to use their car park facilities before and after school to reduce the number of cars parking near school. If you travel to school in a car, we ask that you make use of this park and stride facility.


Thank you for you support and co-operation in this particularly important safety issue.


Yours sincerely,


Mr Chamberlain        Mrs Gray

Head Teacher            Deputy Head Teacher