Olton Primary School

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Look where we are now! Up from 11th place last week, to 4th place today!!

Thank you to all those people who have been actively collecting tags. We’ve been working tirelessly this week with Street Tag HQ, who have been removing players who haven’t been active or using all of our free PE codes. This means that we’ve moved up the leaderboard, because the positions are based on AVERAGE scores per team (depending on the number of team members). If you feel you aren’t able to commit to collecting tags regularly, please feel free to delete your account. Even that will help us move up the scoreboard!

We’re now almost halfway through the season, so it’s really too late to join/rejoin or restart now. A new season won’t be too far away, so please don’t be put off if this season wasn’t for you - the next one might be.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Mrs Olwage