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Dear Parent/Carers of YEAR 5
Further to my email below, I am providing a further update on this trip.  As of today, we have received 33% of contributions towards this trip (thank you to the ones that have paid) .
If you do not have a ParentPay account, then your child will have brought home a barcode letter during the last week of term.  In some cases, there has been 2 or 3 barcode letters sent home as requested.  As you can appreciate by arranging trips for the children, we have to rely on Parent/Carer's contributions, due to the school not having the funds to pay for these trips alone!
I do appreciate that we have asked for contributions on or before the deadline date of Monday 6 June 2022. 
Many thanks
Mrs T Chakmak 
Finance Officer/Fielders Admin Manager
Dear Parents/Carers, 
This is a reminder that the payment for the above trip is due on or before the day we come back to school after half term MONDAY 6 JUNE 2022.  As of today, we have received 31% of contributions, which as you know we rely on Parent/Carers contributions to provide trips for the children. 
Thank you to the Parents/Carers that have paid, and I appreciate that the due date is 6 June 2022 but I wanted to keep you informed of where we stand with the trip as of now.  
Enjoy your Half term
Many thanks
Mrs T Chakmak