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Year 6 - Go Ape Trip

Good morning, Parents/Carers,
As you are aware for the past two years, we have been unable to take the children out on trips due to COVID.  It is only recently that we have started to book trips again for all year groups.
Year 6 have booked a trip to Go Ape at a cost of £22.40 per pupil.
The payment for this trip was due on or before yesterday 6 June 2022.  However, it has been agreed to extend this until 9am tomorrow morning, 8 June 2022.  After which, a decision will be made if the trip can or cannot go ahead.  The decision will need to be made by tomorrow at the latest, to ensure we as a school provide the venue/transport company with notice, so we do not get charged. 
As it stands now, the school has only received 30% of contributions. 
Thank you to all those Parent/Carers that have made the payment.
Many thanks
Kind regards
Mrs T Chakmak
Finance Officer/Wraparound Admin Officer